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PUP 3.8.2

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Version PUP 3.8.2


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Released: 2015/08/06

Release Notes

BlockerBugPUP-4747resource_types response has AST for parameters' default valuesUnassignedClosed
MajorBugPUP-4810Puppet caches parse results when environment_timeout is set to 0UnassignedClosed
MajorBugPUP-4854PMT fails to install modules on Windows that have long pathsRyan GardClosed
NormalBugPUP-3088Debug logging messages can't be used by providers with a "path" methodUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-3166Debian service provider on docker with insserv (dep boot sequencing)UnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4196agent command line options ignored running under systemdqaClosed
NormalBugPUP-4648Problem of indentation with epp()UnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4662EPP template can't explicitly access top scope variables if there's no node definition in the scope chainUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4665Puppet::Parser::Scope has no inspect method which is causing an extremely large string to be producedErik DasherClosed
NormalBugPUP-4668cannot create a define named something that starts with 'class'UnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4693The pw provider for users and groups should be confined to freeBSDUnassignedClosed
NormalImprovementPUP-4703Optimize future_parser? checks for faster catalog productionUnassignedClosed
NormalImprovementPUP-4751Optimize & Secure safe_posix_forkqaClosed
NormalBugPUP-4752Uppercase letters in parameter variable namesUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4753cannot call 4.x functions from 3.x function ERB templatesUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4789hiera_include does not have access to variables from node scope when future parser is enabledUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4826meaning of Integer[0] different in a ruby functionJohn DuarteClosed
NormalBugPUP-4848Global parser = future with environment.conf parser = current gives an errorUnassignedClosed
NormalNew FeaturePUP-4941Reserve keywords 'application', 'consumes', and 'produces'UnassignedClosed
NormalTaskPUP-5007Put openssl 1.0.0.s into Windows FOSS release (3.x)Geoff NicholsClosed
NormalBugPUP-5344Could not evaluate: invalid byte sequence in US-ASCIIUnassignedClosed
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