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R10k should not allow the same Puppetfile to install different module versions



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      The Problem

      If you create a Puppetfile that does not specify the version of a module to install then when r10k runs it will install the latest version of the module and then not update it but it also doesn't track which version was installed so that when you run the same Puppetfile on another system you can get a different version of the module.

      This becomes particularly apparent when you decide to migrate from one version of PE to another or you clear out your basedir during troubleshooting and end up getting a different version.

      This can be a problem that doesn't give immediate feedback and you can go months or years without realizing it is a problem.

      The Solution

      I can imagine at least 2 options

      1. Don't allow users to not specify a version. You either have to declare an explicit version or :latest. Then you get deterministic behavior.

      2. Allow users to not specify version but keep track of it in a new section of the Puppetfile or in a Puppetfile.versions file or something similar that can be checked into the control-repo and will be deployed to other systems so the behavior is deterministic.


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