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Support autosigning with a ca certificate bundle file



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      Currently, the CA code returns the contents of $cadir/ca_crt.pem to agents who hit /v1/certificate/ca, which they do in order to bootstrap a trust relationship. The agents hit this endpoint if there isn't a localcacert on their filesystem, save the results to $ssldir/certs/ca.pem, and use the returned certificate to validate subsequent server connections.

      While the agents will happily use a certificate chain at their localcacert location to validate server connections, and puppet cert generate hostname.dom.ain on the master will select and use the correct CA cert out of a chain in ca_crt.pem, the autosigning code errors when it encounters such a file:

      Error: Could not request certificate: Error 500 on SERVER: Internal Server Error: 
      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The PEM stream must contain exactly 1 certificate

      I'm open to implementation options, either to permit >1 cert in the file (as puppet cert generate seems to do just fine, presumably by matching the private key to one of the certs in the bundle?) or by allowing a separate file to be returned by the /certificate/ca endpoint which is disconnected from the actual signing cert file.


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