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      Procedure may vary by project and point in the release cycle. Ask around.

      In general this should happen on a variety of platforms, i.e. one or two each of kind of package we create (i.e., gem, dmg, msi, deb, rpm, etc).

      For Puppet, our acceptance suite now tests service scripts, and on debian, a passenger master. Manual smoke testing can therefore be limited to other package formats than deb and rpm.
      For the Puppet gem, we don't yet have automated acceptance testing, so some quick manual smoke testing should always be performed. Platform packages express their dependencies differently than gems, so it's possible to encounter a situation where the build pipeline produced packages out of sync with the gems.

      Lighter testing of Z releases is acceptable.

      • Add a link to the Packages repository that you receive from the "Tag and create packages" subtask
      • Ping folks on your team for help with different platforms.
      • When you pick up a platform, please leave a comment below that you are testing it. When it looks good, leave another comment, preferably with a code snippet showing the commands executed and their output.
      • When all platforms picked have been smoke tested, move this ticket to done.

      IMPORTANT: Please edit the description of this ticket and remove "Example:" below. Edit the platforms to smoke test on, and the smoke test procedure.

      Smoke test platforms:

      • pick some platforms such as
      • gem - select one Linux for the universal gem, Windows with x64 platform-specific gem, and Windows with x86 platform-specific gem
      • Windows 2003/2008/2012 (msi)
      • Solaris 10/11 (tarball or gem?)
      • OSX (dmg)
      • (Note if you are smoke testing Puppet and pick an rpm or deb based platform, concentrate on testing a gem or tarball, since acceptance should have adequately smoke tested those packages.)
      • RHEL/CentOS 5/6/7
      • Fedora 19/20
      • Debian 6/7
      • Ubuntu 10.04/12.04/14.04

      Smoke test procedure:

      • Start/stop/restart a master (if the platform supports that)
      • Start/stop/restart an agent
      • Help/man
      • Write and run some manifests


      • Tag and create packages
      • For Windows MSIs - Push tag




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