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Change profiler.enabled setting default to 'true' and remove extra profile logging



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    • SERVER 5.0.0
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    • Puppetserver 5 enables profiling by default. Profiling was enabled via configuration in Puppet Enterprise without impact, and as such is being made default behavior for open source Puppetserver.
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      This ticket covers two changes to the Puppet profiler service implementation:

      1) Change the default for the profiler.enabled Trapperkeeper setting to true.

      Previously, the default for the profiler.enabled Trapperkeeper setting had been false. In PE, we've been setting the default to true since the initial release of metrics functionality in Puppet Server. Where that has not seemed to create any known functional issues and having it set to true by default would make it easier for users to utilize the new status/metric endpoint and dashboard functionality being done for SERVER-1259, changing the default to true seems reasonable to do.

      2) Remove the debug logging being done in the MetricsPuppetProfiler class for profiled metrics.

      In the PE metrics implementation, the PuppetProfiler class does not do any debug logging for profiled metrics either.

      Current OSS users that might have been setting the profiler.enabled setting in the puppetserver.conf file to true in order to get the extra debug output would now need to set the puppet.conf profile setting to true instead, as PE users have done to date.




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