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Provide a server impl of the new Puppet http client



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    • Puppet Server now provides an HTTP client whose API conforms to the HTTP client provided by Puppet. This new client is stored in the Puppet runtime as `Puppet.runtime[:http]`.
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      Currently Puppet Server implements a wrapper around the Apache AsyncHttp library (with help from the puppetlabs/clj-http-client library).

      Coremmunity has reworked the http client in Puppet and the contract that extensions should implement (like there is one now).

      We should create a new HttpClient in Puppet Server that implements the new interface and if the new interface is available we should configure Puppet with it.

      Here are some notes from previous discussions:

      I was thinking puppetserver could register its client (similar to the existing `Puppet::Server::HttpClient`) but with the following differences:

      • A Puppet::Server::HttpClient object is created for a given server/port/use_ssl, and later the request path/query parameters/headers are passed to the get/post method. With the new API, the get/post methods receive the full URL.
      • The existing Puppet::Server::HttpClient maps HTTP response codes back to Net::HTTP, but that's no longer necessary. Puppetserver can create a Puppet::HTTP::Response object directly with the status code, message, etc. and return that (or a subclass of it)
      • The client can raise `Puppet::HTTP::HTTPError` or more specific subclasses if it wants instead of deriving from SocketError
        Example implementation registration: https://gist.github.com/joshcooper/98344933dbd8c44d63acd9183e1481b3

      Whoever picks this up should reach out to Josh Cooper for further details.


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