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Prepare artifacts for release (Puppet Platform 7.16.0)



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      (Initial planned release date: 2022-04-12)

      Prepare release artifacts.

      • Merge up and/or down as required.
        • Outstanding changes from z branches should be merged up to main. Outstanding changes from "older" branches should be merged up through the branch to be released (e.g. 6.x -> main, if applicable).
        • Any changes that have been resolved in "newer" branches but need to be pulled down to the release branch should be cherry-picked (e.g. backports to an LTS branch).
        • This typically will have been done already, when the original changes went in, but good to double-check.
      • Use the ticketmatch script at https://github.com/puppetlabs/ticketmatch to reconcile JIRA ticket states with commit messages since the last release.
        • Run ticketmatch in the puppetserver repo WITHOUT the team value specified
        • Run ticketmatch in the puppet repo WITH the team 'Froyo'
      • Follow up with any reported problematic areas:
        • Git commits in Jira: ensure these issues have the appropriate fix version and team or confirm that they are WIP and not targeted for the current release; non-SERVER tickets that landed in puppetserver can be ignored if they don't need a release note.
        • Unresolved Jira tickets not in git commits: retarget these issues for the appropriate release and notify stakeholders.
        • Unresolved Jira tickets found in git commits: ensure these issues have gone through CI and resolve them.
        • Tickets missing release notes: add release notes to these issues or mark 'Not Needed'.
      • Once the scope of the release has been confirmed and the correct SemVer version known, ensure the Versions and Dependencies page in Confluence is up to date.
      • Once a release candidate has been determined, ensure it has promoted to the appropriate PE stream(s).
      • Tag and build packages.
        • If this is an X or Y release, ensure the SNAPSHOT version in project.clj is updated with the new version. This is necessary for the tag/build/release job to work properly.
        • Run the release pipeline for the maintenance branch being released from. This pipeline currently starts with "puppetserver (<branch>) Release 01: Tag & Deploy" and will automatically build, stage, and promote into PE. For example, this is the job for main.
        • Verify tagged release version is built, tested, and artifacts exist at builds.delivery.puppetlabs.net.
        • If you haven't already, notify the puppet-agent release lead that puppetserver 7.7.0 is built and ready for testing.




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