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puppetserver foreground can fail if /var/run/... directory missing



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      For SERVER-404, some work was done to ensure that the appropriate /var/run/... directory has been created at the time the puppetserver service is started. Previously, the /var/run/... directory might have only been created at installation time or by the "puppet" service if it happened to be started before the "puppetserver" service, depending upon the OS distribution.

      The work for SERVER-404 adds creation of the directory to the service "start" phase. When running "puppetserver foreground", however, none of the service "start" plumbing is invoked and so the logic that would create the /var/run/... directory would not be invoked. Assuming the /var/run/... directory does not exist at the time "puppetserver foreground" were run – e.g., because the puppetserver service were not enabled and "puppetserver foreground" were being run right after a reboot or initial installation – the same missing /var/run/... directory problem from SERVER-404 could cause puppetserver to fail to start.

      This could be created by working logic into the foreground script to create the directory - maybe via a generic ezbake hook for foreground like the one done for SERVER-404 that could be utilized across projects. It would also be good if the pre-service execution script that "puppetserver foreground" and "service puppetserver start" were unified so that further changes to it would be picked up by both paths.


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