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Get windows2008r2-64a layouts passing Full Acceptance



      The windows agents in the server acceptance suite are currently passing smoke tests but failing in the full acceptance test suite on the following error:

      #<Beaker::Host::CommandFailure: Host 'wpq3xgx1ug1q866.delivery.puppetlabs.net' exited with 1 running:
       cmd.exe /c puppet module install pmtacceptance-nginx
      Last 10 lines of output were:
      	Notice: Preparing to install into C:/ProgramData/PuppetLabs/code/environments/production/modules ...
      	Notice: Downloading from https://forgeapi.puppetlabs.com ...
      	Error: Could not connect via HTTPS to https://forgeapi.puppetlabs.com
      	  Unable to verify the SSL certificate
      	    The certificate may not be signed by a valid CA
      	    The CA bundle included with OpenSSL may not be valid or up to date>

      The failing tests are:

      • ruby/puppet/acceptance/tests/modules/install/basic_install.rb
      • ruby/puppet/acceptance/tests/modules/install/with_version.rb

      We have a couple of options. The issue is known and reported in PUP-3442. A robust solution to resolve the issue has been proposed in PUP-3450.

      We could let our tests fail and wait for those issues to be resolved, but this could impact our schedule.

      An alternative is to skip these tests and leave this ticket in our blocked column or in a triage state so that we can avoid committing to fix this issue until we're able to do so by re-enabling the tests in a future sprint.


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