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Update group-id and artifact-id for version checks



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      For all of the public releases that we've been doing on Puppet Server up to now, we've been using "puppetserver" (no hyphen between "puppet" and "server") as the "artifact-id". The project name defined in a Clojure project's "defproject" macro ultimately ends up in the Maven manifest metadata in the jar which is built and is used by the dujour check-in process for determining the project's current version.

      Back when ezbake was still an app (and not the lein-ezbake plugin that it is today), the Puppet Server jar was packaged with "puppetserver" as the project name in defproject.

      For example, see https://github.com/puppetlabs/ezbake/blob/d072ebbf5f6de801e1705f927bd12ac1362f3d88/configs/puppetserver/puppetserver.clj#L1:

      (defproject puppetlabs.packages/puppetserver...

      However, the "defproject" in project.clj in the Puppet Server repo has had, probably from its earliest versions:

      (defproject puppetlabs/puppet-server

      Note that a hyphen appears in "puppet-server" in the latter example.

      Per some of the changes that went into consolidating ezbake into the lein-ezbake plugin, the separate "defproject" in the ezbake repo for Puppet Server was eliminated. Now the dujour version check will use the "defproject" value from the project.clj file. If unchanged, this would mean that any future dujour checkins would use "puppet-server" instead of "puppetserver" as the name.

      Changing from "puppetserver" to "puppet-server" is not ideal here because it complicates the queries / consolidation that would need to be done to compare different versions of Puppet Server. Also, the additional use of the hyphen goes against the grain of SERVER-392, where we seemed to be gravitating toward less hyphens.

      This ticket proposes that we remove the hyphen from "puppet-server" in the defproject in Puppet Server's project.clj in order to preserve backward compatibility for dujour checkins and support the evolving desire to eliminate the use of the hyphen in Puppet Server references.

      The "group-id" that the defproject would use by default has also been changed – from "puppetlabs.packages" (under ezbake as an app) vs. "puppetlabs" (via lein ezbake as a plugin). The default-group-id is currently hardcoded in version_check_core.clj as "puppetlabs.packages". This would need to be changed to "puppetlabs" in order for the version retrieval from the Maven pom.properties file – when Puppet Server is running from a package install – to be able to matchup with the group-id as derived from the defproject macro.


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