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Update "content-type" references to work for new Ring version



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      As part of SERVER-544, we upgraded Puppet Server's dependency on ring-core to 1.3.2. In the newer ring versions, the content-type header for a request is only managed through the :headers map in the ring request rather than as a top-level element in the request - see https://github.com/ring-clojure/ring/commit/bdffd464d2e803ae73707e46eb434e6b07ef0d21. Because we have some code paths in Puppet Server that manage content-type via the top-level element in the request but didn't necessarily want to take on the work of updating those paths to work with the new ring-core as-is, we ended up duplicating some code from ring-core and updating it to be backward-compatible in its handling of content-type - see https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppet-server/blob/d623c77a0c9d881ebf59a2fef26fe543a1300120/src/clj/puppetlabs/puppetserver/ring/middleware/params.clj#L40-L42.

      IMHO, the changes in Ring are good. Otherwise, we're left with the potential ambiguous situation where if content-type were represented in two different places in the request but had different values, it isn't clear which one to honor.
      As a step toward being able to eliminate this code duplication from Ring, we should update Puppet Server to work with the new behavior for content-type.

      One particular path through Puppet Server that will likely be affected by this is the work that we did to support the "file_bucket_file" endpoint. See:


      For that case, we ended up being dependent upon setting the content-type at the top level of the request to octet-stream but letting the corresponding header map value stay as text/plain if it was passed in that way. That was done so that a legacy Puppet master would accept the binary content in the request. We'll probably need to rework that code, though, to work with the new Ring implementation.


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