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Assess whether preserving string body needed for URL encoded form put/post



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      In SERVER-544, we discussed the fact that Puppet Server currently preserves compatibility with the Rack / WEBrick handlers in Ruby Puppet by passing through the body of a URL encoded form PUT/POST as a "String" – in addition to having the contents of the request body decoded as "params". This is probably most pertinent to "catalog" requests being made to the master. It may not actually be necessary to do this, assuming that the handling for a catalog request would only look at the decoded params and not the request body. If this is the case, we might consider just doing away with putting the request body into the handler as a "String" for URL encoded PUTs/POSTs. By doing this, along with the work in SERVER-589, we might be able to completely eliminate the code duplication from Ring middleware into Puppet Server, which the work for SERVER-544 introduced.

      It may make most sense to do this work around the time that work is done to remove the Rack and WEBrick handlers from core Ruby Puppet code – PUP-3834 – as the investigation into this ticket would likely involve exploring the same code that will be covered for that work.


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