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set_connect_timeout_milliseconds error when sending report to PuppetDB



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      On latest Puppet Server master and 2.1.x branch builds, if an extension point is registered with Puppet Server which involves the master having to make an HTTP client call, the call will fail due to being unable to resolve the setConnectTimeoutMilliseconds method on the RequestOptions class from puppetlabs/http-client.

      wyatt and russell.mull encountered this when doing some PuppetDB integration testing with Puppet Server, seeing the following error from the master log:

      Error: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER: Failed to submit 'replace facts' command for localhost.delivery.puppetlabs.net to PuppetDB at localhost:808
      1: undefined method `set_connect_timeout_milliseconds' for #<Java::ComPuppetlabsHttpClient::RequestOptions:0xc24be04>

      setConnectTimeoutMilliseconds and setSocketTimeoutMilliseconds don't exist on the RequestOptions class - only on the ClientOptions and SimpleRequestOptions classes. We'll need to rework the Puppet Server implementation to use these at the ClientOptions level.

      I'm pretty sure this happened as a result of our recent merge-up of the Puppet Server 1.0.8 release to the master and 2.1.x branches. HTTP client initialization is different between the stable and master/2.1.x branches currently. Probably as a related but separate ticket, we should consider backporting the initialization from master/2.1.x to stable since there's no real reason for them to differ, we still have at least one more planned 1.x release to be done from the stable branch, and this might help reduce the risk of introducing problems like this in the future due to merge conflicts.


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