[PDB-997] Add Ubuntu 14.04/trusty to acceptance testing Created: 2014/10/24  Updated: 2016/02/26  Resolved: 2016/01/20

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is blocked by PUP-2706 Intermittent 'chage' Puppet installat... Closed
relates to PDB-1079 Help with move to VMPooler Closed
Epic Link: QA/QEng Phase 1
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Sprint: PuppetDB 2015-10-21, PuppetDB 2015-12-30, PuppetDB 2016-01-13, PuppetDB 2016-01-27


This would require:

  • New vm image via puppetlabs-packer
  • And the Ubuntu 14.04 packages re-enabled during build
  • The acceptance tests to be ran on this new image

Comment by Ken Barber [ 2015/12/10 ]

This is unblocked now, but waiting on this PR here: https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetdb/pull/1768

Comment by Kurt Wall [ 2015/12/18 ]

Waiting on an AWS access key (filed as OPS-7682) so i can get started. Turns out my old one has been deactivated.

Comment by Kurt Wall [ 2016/01/04 ]

Ken Barber Kindly recommend someone who can help me understand what to do and it will be get this done.

Comment by Ken Barber [ 2016/01/04 ]

@kurt most of the work is done, we already have the Ubuntu 14.04 images in: https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetdb/blob/master/acceptance/config/ec2-west-ubuntu1404-64mda.cfg

All we need to do really, is to have these added to the testing pipeline (jenkins JJB), and fix any test failures we see on Ubuntu 14.04.

For JJB, I think this might be the list that needs a PR:


But before we do any of that, we probably just want to attempt to run these tests using beaker from the command line perhaps using these new Ubuntu 14.04 images, otherwise trying to change the job and fix as we go will be too disruptive to our production pipeline. The other alternative we used to take was clone a job, but in a JJB world this seems that will require QENG now - not sure, it would be a real shame if we've lost this ability, but its probably overkill anyway.

I know that when we briefly tested this before, there was some errors about ruby packages and such, probably spawned by some of this magic: https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetdb/tree/master/acceptance/setup/pre_suite, but I can't recall the details.

I honestly don't expect a massive amount of problems in changing the setup to make this work however, beyond package variations but you never know.

Comment by Ken Barber [ 2016/01/04 ]

Actually, there is another way to do this.

You could create a PR for the purposes of using that for testing, hand-modify the jenkins job (yes it will revert in 6 hours, but its a small cost) and then run a PR test that way with Ubuntu 14.04 manually added for confirmation. This avoids the need to clone a job, if there are acceptance changes you'll need a PR anyway and you can iterate that way.

Otherwise launching manually is one option also, either way should work, I just suggest the PR methodology because you can rely on the jenkins box to do most of the work for you instead of having to fiddle with beaker + ec2 from your laptop.

Anyway, happy to help tomorrow if you need me.

Comment by Kurt Wall [ 2016/01/13 ]

Got AWS credentials. Then discovered I needed ESO's AWS credentials. Got those. After the yak shaving, forward progress.

Comment by Kurt Wall [ 2016/01/14 ]

Well, I've got PR 863 up against a branch on my fork.

Comment by Ken Barber [ 2016/01/20 ]

Nice .

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