[PUP-5533] (Static Catalog) As a puppet administrator, I should be able to correlate all agent run reports to a catalog. Created: 2015/11/20  Updated: 2016/03/21  Resolved: 2016/03/04

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Issue Links:
blocks PUP-5872 Static catalog acceptance: Correlate ... Closed
is blocked by PDB-2126 Add the `catalog_uuid` and 'code_id' ... Closed
Epic Link: Direct Puppet Initiative
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QA Contact: Sean Griffin


As a puppet administrator, I should be able to correlate all agent run reports to a catalog.

correlate all agent runs to a catalog.
Show me all the reports for a given catalog (on a given node)

Comment by Steve Barlow [ 2015/11/24 ]

Marked this ticket as needs information because this implies some PDB work that is not linked up currently.

Comment by Erik Dasher [ 2016/02/02 ]

This has been stuck in Needs Information since November? I need information about how to test this, and how this story will be implemented. To whom should I be talking? Ping John Duarte Steve Barlow Sean Griffin Kevin Corcoran.

Comment by Josh Cooper [ 2016/02/02 ]

The PUP tickets for this work are complete:

PUP-5106 - Add catalog_uuid to catalog
PUP-5702 - Add catalog_uuid (and code_id) to report

We should be able to run an agent once (to get a new catalog), then run it multiple times with its cached catalog (puppet agent --use_cached_catalog) and verify that all of the reports have a catalog_uuid that matches what is in the catalog.

Comment by Kylo Ginsberg [ 2016/02/12 ]

Since Erik Dasher is the assignee, I assigned this to Puppet Server scrum team. If that's wrong, just go ahead and fix it - thanks!

Comment by Erik Dasher [ 2016/02/16 ]

Kenn Hussey John Duarte Sean Griffin My understanding is that this feature is not ready to test until PDB-2126 is in a build.

Comment by Erik Dasher [ 2016/02/16 ]

This is Blocked on PDB-2126. I should additionally comment that I'm concerned there won't be enough time to write an acceptance test for this when it becomes unblocked; initial scoping leads me to think this is a large complex test.

Comment by Erik Dasher [ 2016/02/18 ]

PDB-2126 is marked Completed. Time to get busy with this story / test...

Comment by Erik Dasher [ 2016/02/18 ]

Validation of this story from the server/end to end perspective covered in PE-14264

Comment by Erik Dasher [ 2016/02/22 ]

Ping Sean Griffin I'm done validating this from the perspective of the server / puppet-db. I'm PE-14264 is ready to merge. I'm assigning this to you. Please let me know if you'd prefer a different course of action.

Comment by Erik Dasher [ 2016/02/29 ]

This is blocked on PE-14401.

Comment by Sean Griffin [ 2016/03/04 ]

Covered by resolved tickets PUP-5872 (client) and PE-14264 (pe server).

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