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Issue Links:
is blocked by PUP-6811 Acceptance tests for puppet-server ho... Resolved
is blocked by PA-621 Puppet Agent >= 1.9.0 should conflict... Closed
relates to SERVER-1146 lookup hocon support Closed
relates to PUP-6496 Add support for using hocon for main ... Closed
supports PUP-7016 5.0.0 Lookup features Closed
Epic Name: Productize 'lookup'
Puppet Developer Experience


We want to push Puppet lookup out of experimental status and make it a fully supported feature. This means we need to:

  • Identify and fix any UX issues that can't be fixed without causing a breaking behavior change.
  • Complete the feature page.
  • Go through the formal release train boarding process.
  • Update and finalize educational materials.
  • Update and finalize documentation.
  • Do some marketing activities to bring the community up to date.
  • Identify future engineering tasks, including deprecations and sunset dates for superseded technologies.

Comment by Henrik Lindberg [ 2016/09/13 ]

While "Productie Puppet Lookup" is the actual name, using that as the "Epic Name", makes the label that shows up everywhere read "Productize Puppet..." It would be best if we could have "Lookup" as the first word.

Comment by Chris Price [ 2016/10/11 ]

Henrik Lindberg Thomas Hallgren we are working through the last few details about packaging gems in puppetserver. I've linked PA-621 and PUP-6811 as blockers for this ticket, because I think those need to happen before we can ship this stuff. Happy to discuss if you have any thoughts / comments.

/cc Branan Riley Eric Sorenson

Comment by Lindsey Smith [ 2016/10/11 ]

Thanks Chris Price. I'm assuming this would also be relevant if we wanted to ship strings as a gem with PE.

Comment by Chris Price [ 2016/10/11 ]

Lindsey Smith I'm not sure if the "strings" code ever gets executed by the server. If it doesn't, then it's not an issue. If it does, then you are correct.

Comment by Thomas Hallgren [ 2016/10/11 ]

Thanks Chris Price. I don't have much input to give other than that I'd like to get the blocker out of the way and offer my help if there's anything I can contribute with to make that happen.

Comment by Chris Price [ 2016/10/11 ]

Thomas Hallgren thanks. PUP-6811 needs an owner, so if your team is able to write that test that would definitely help keep things moving along.

Comment by Henrik Lindberg [ 2016/10/11 ]

Lindsey Smith Chris Price There are no current user stories that involves running strings on puppet server. There could be such cases in the future if we decide to offer a "multi environment/version documentation service" - today such a feature is a DIY project.

Comment by Lindsey Smith [ 2016/10/11 ]

I was thinking more in the context of shipping the gem with PE, which I realize now may not be relevant to Chris Price's comment.

Comment by Kenn Hussey [ 2017/02/02 ]

Henrik Lindberg Lindsey Smith should the remaining work here perhaps be moved to PUP-7016 now that PUP 4.9.0 has shipped?

Comment by Henrik Lindberg [ 2017/02/02 ]

The work that remains here is documentation and QA tickets not tied to a release. They should simply be done asap.
Not sure if the best is to close this out in favor of the 5.0.0 epic for hiera/lookup. I rather not have the messy set of tickets wander over there.

Comment by Kenn Hussey [ 2017/02/02 ]

OK, thanks Henrik Lindberg, let's keep things where they are for now (but work to getting them done soonest).

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