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Project: Puppet Server
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Fix Version/s: SERVER 6.1.0

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Reporter: Justin Stoller Assignee: Justin Stoller
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relates to SERVER-2388 Update JRuby to latest version -- che... Resolved
Team: Server
Release Notes: Enhancement
Release Notes Summary: Puppet Server 6.1.0 upgrades to a new version of JRuby, This version implements the Ruby 2.5 interface (we previously shipping a JRuby that implemented the Ruby 2.3 interface). It is, in all of our testing, backwards compatible, but will issue warning for Ruby language features that have been deprecated[1]. Upgrading to this version of JRuby brings the Ruby interface inline with that of the Puppet Agent so both are running under the same interface version. This version of JRuby may also be slightly faster under some conditions than previous versions.

1. The major warning that users will most likely see is "warning: constant ::Fixnum is deprecated".
QA Risk Assessment: Needs Assessment


This ticket was to originally upgrade JRuby to 9.2.1 however there were complications and we've created a new ticket to further investigate those complications. This ticket was repurposed to do the JRuby 9.2.0 upgrade instead.


Original description:


JRuby is being released soon. First we should upgrade to JRuby and make sure everything is good with that. Then test the SNAPTSHOT of 9.2.1 and then upgrade to 9.2.1 when released.

Comment by Justin Stoller [ 2018/11/26 ]

I upgraded FOSS to without issue (though not PE yet). They JRuby team released 9.2.1 and in quick succession released 9.2.2, 9.2.3, and 9.2.4. They've seemed to settle down the releases so I tried 9.2.4 and Puppetserver will not load, nor will Puppet run correctly when using the standalone (not hosted within Puppetserver) jruby.

These issues may be related and seem to happen starting in 9.2.1. I think it will probably take some time to figure out what exactly is happening and potentially wait for/work with the JRuby team on fixes.


In the mean time I think this ticket should be for continuing the 9.2.0 upgrade through PE.

Comment by Maggie Dreyer [ 2018/11/26 ]

Ran into some issues trying to do the upgrade to 9.2.0+, see SERVER-2388

Comment by Kenn Hussey [ 2018/12/10 ]

Justin Stoller note that this needs to land before EOD on Wednesday in order to make the cut for Server 6.1.

Comment by Maggie Dreyer [ 2018/12/10 ]

Oh this is in. The updated scope was merged weeks ago. I'll update.

Comment by Kenn Hussey [ 2018/12/10 ]

Thanks, Maggie Dreyer, did SERVER-2388 get sorted as well, then?

Comment by Maggie Dreyer [ 2018/12/10 ]

No. Like it says in the updated description, we are only shipping for this release. That appears to be sufficient to get us experimental Java 11 support, which was the goal.

Comment by Kenn Hussey [ 2018/12/12 ]

Justin Stoller please add release notes for this issue if needed, thanks!

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