[SERVER-420] Try out puppet-server acceptance against aio packages for non-el7 linux platforms Created: 2015/03/09  Updated: 2015/03/25  Resolved: 2015/03/20

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We are currently running the AIO puppet-server component pipeline:


against EL7 only.

We will be adding additional platforms once we get EL7 out the door a in priority order which can be found here:


Note that, in addition to EL7, we have have packages currently for:

  • RHEL5
  • RHEL6
  • Debian 7 (wheezy)
  • Ubuntu 12.04 (precise)
  • Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty)

For each platform, please add a comment to the ticket reporting success/failure. If there are failures, create tickets to track the followup work (i.e. don't do it in the aegis of this ticket or it might live forever).
One thing to note is that we should only be testing against el7 masters, so some of the node configs (in acceptance/config/nodes) will need to be updated accordingly.

Risk assessment: Low (no additional validation needed)
Probability: Low (does not impact users)
Severity: Low (does not impact users)

Comment by Jeff McCune [ 2015/03/19 ]

Working with Wayne today, we sorted out the following plan of action:

Within the context of the aio branch and pipeline, which strives to mirror the master pipeline so that we can easily integrate back into master when the time comes, the following things are true:

  • Jobs inside of the pipeline are matrix jobs, but there is only a single dimension to the matrix. There are not multiple dimensions in order to avoid testing combinations that we don't want to test or having to deal with combination filters.
  • The single dimension is on LAYOUT. PLATFORM will remain because it may cause issues if it is removed, but the value of PLATFORM will be empty (NONE).
  • sqa-utils-gem is sufficient. It needs to have support added for fedora20 and debian8, which is ticketed in QENG-2053. These VM's already exist as templates in the pooler. It would be a nice to avoid the default of adding the agent role to the master, but this is non-trivial to add.
Comment by Jeff McCune [ 2015/03/19 ]

Here's the list of layouts we want to test based on the meeting with Josh Cooper and Justin Stoller:

The thinking is: We're going to test the agent running on the master at 64 bit. For additional coverage we're going to test a 32 bit agent, when available, over the network. We're going to get windows coverage by testing win2008r2-64a against redhat7 on merge and nightly and windows2008-r2-64a nightly against ubuntu1404-65m.

The values for the LAYOUT parameter are:

On Merge:



redhat7-64m-64a (32 bit is not available)

Comment by Jeff McCune [ 2015/03/19 ]

Build #42 is the first build that I've run that attempts all of the GA targets.

Comment by Jeff McCune [ 2015/03/19 ]

Build #42 was no-good because 2.0.0-rc3 has only RHEL7 packages.

Build #46 is closer because PACKAGE_BUILD_VERSION=2.0.0.SNAPSHOT.2015.03.19T1436, which has package builds for RPM and DEB platforms. Similarly, puppet-agent 0.9.0 is not a suitable value for PUPPET_BUILD_VERSION becasue it is rhel7 only as well. Recent puppet-agent builds with expanded platforms are suitable.

Comment by Jeff McCune [ 2015/03/20 ]

Putting into closed because all of the platforms have been run and triaged into other tickets.

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